Orders will be sent out on Mondays unless I can pop them in the postbox!

Our Mission

Colourful products to spark joy and connection.


My name is Kat and being creative is what makes me happy. My illustrations are designed to make you smile!

Art is an important form of self expression, and I create unique (and sometimes quirky) designs that I would gift to my own family and friends.

Being kind to the environment is important as one of the people that live in it and affect it daily - we need to be more aware of our impact. Everything is printed onto recycled paper when possible (still trying to source more eco-friendly sticker paper) and all my packaging is either made from recycled materials or is compostable! 

Having fun and connecting with others through cards, gifting or sharing something that made you think of them is so important, and I aim to try and spread joy through the little things.

Hope you join me on my journey.