Free postage on all orders from the 19th to the 24th of June as I’m away!

Newsletter Now Live!

Thought a newsletter would be a good idea to keep you guys up to date on what goes on behind the scenes. Planning on releasing it every other week (day job allowing) featuring any markets I've been to or am going to as well as my most recent inspirations and work.

Not much drawing has been going on recently sadly with a lot of my free time taken up by trying to work out my online marketing o.O I've been enjoying the courses I've been on so far especially the amazing Indie Roller Digital Bootcamp which finished last week. 

There's so much to LEARN - but I'm going to need a drawing day soon as a nice little break.

Luckily Mazikeen (my cat) has been keeping me company and sometimes likes to defend my desk from any flies that have made it inside. :')

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